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EcoSmart ECO-36 Electric Tankless Water Heater 36kW 4 Bath

$ 849.00

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Ideal for a large single family home with a busy family with multiple applications running simultaneously

The Eco Smart ECO 36 is the most powerful model from our full line of tankless water heaters, with the capacity to handle a large single-family home with the need to run hot water simultaneously from multiple applications, even in colder climates

The ECO 36 can run four showers and two sinks simultaneously without running out of hot water.

  • Savings of up to 50% on water heating costs
  • The most advanced, self-modulating technology available, meaning the ECO 36 will adjust energy usage based on how much hot water is needed
  • Stylish and advanced design that is pleasing to the eye
  • Digital temperature control in 1-degree increments allows control of hot water
  • Copper and stainless components designed for efficiency, durability and easy replacement
  • Compact size saves valuable storage space
Dimensions (in.) 17 x 19 x 3.75
Weight 17.4 lbs.
Exchanger Copper
Protection Thermal Auto
Temperature Control Digital
Activation flow .25 GPM
Energy efficiency 99.8 %
Certification ETL Listed to UL 499 & CSA
Warranty Lifetime*
Tech Specs
Voltage 240
Phase Single
KW 36 KW
Elements 4 x 9 KW @ 240
Amperage Draw 150 Amps
Required Breaker 4 x 40 DP
Required Wire 4 x 8 AWG
Electrical Panel 300 Amps
HZ 50/60
Pipes fittings 3/4" NPT


Installation diagram for EcoSmart ECO-36 with filter, valves and electric disconnect.


Ask a Question
  • Does this unit come with a warranty?

    All EcoSmart water heaters feature a limited lifetime warranty on electronic components as well as heat exchangers.

  • What size fittings does this unit have?

    The EcoSmart Eco-36 tankless water heater uses 3/4” fittings on both the inlet and outlet, both located on the bottom of the unit.

  • What electrical specifications are required for this unit?

    The EcoSmart Eco-36 tankless water heater runs on 240 volts, and is a four-line heater. It pulls 300 amps, calling for 4 Double Pole 40 amp breakers, and 8/2 wire (8 gauge).

  • How many bathrooms can this unit provide hot water for?

    The EcoSmart Eco-36 tankless water heater is the largest capacity EcoSmart unit for residential use. With 36KW of heating power, this unit is ideal for up to 4 baths in warm climates, and 2 to 3 bathrooms in cold/moderate climates.

  • I have well water and I was told that because of the different pressure that the water pump have, the Titan would not last more than six month. I would love to purchase a Titan but I need an honest answer. I own a large house

    The honest answer is that well or city water is not a factor nor is the PSI for utilizing a Titan product. Please call us and we'll be happy to expand the answers you are looking for. 305-823-6991.