Titan N160 Whole House Tankless Water Heater 16KW

$ 333.00

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Perfect for 2 baths in warm climates

The Titan N-160 is simply the right size unit for a two bathroom home in warm climates. At 16KW, this tankless water heater is perfectly suited to run two baths at the same time endlessly. If you have a need to run two showers at the same time or any two points of use in warm climates that require 2 gallons per minute each, then this is the right heater for you.

By heating water only when necessary the Titan N-160 tankless water heater saves money and energy. In fact, these tiny, space saving heaters are so efficient that they only use a little over one third of the energy of a conventional tank water heater, saving you up to an astounding 60% on your electrical cost to heat water.

  •  Proudly assembled in the USA
  • Thermostatically control temp on front cover
  • 60% energy savings vs. conventional electric water heaters
  • 99.5% efficient
  • On demand water control- equals unit longevity and savings
  • For use with hard, soft, well or city water
  • Most efficient and practical product of its kind on the market
  • Steel outer / copper-brass inner casing
  • UL approved #499
  • ANSI-Z 10.03 certified
  • Dual heating chambers
  • 10 year warranty on water carrying components - 1 year on rest of unit
Tech Specs
  • Pipe Fittings: 1/2"
  • 16KW at 220V
  • 66 amps - 1 double pole 70 amp breaker required. 1, 6/2 wire line
  • Dimensions: 10-5/16" x 7-1/4" x 2-3/4" inches
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs

Installation diagram for Niagara Titan N-160 tankless water heater


Ask a Question
  • So I just bought a titan n160 it requires 6/2 wire and double 70 amp breaker. And what is throwing my mind off is that theres no color wire such as red equaling 2 hot wires 1 white common wire and a ground wire. So my question is is the white wire coming out of tankless unit hot like normal color wire say red or black or is it a white common wire?

    Black= hot
    White= hot
    Bare ground= ground

    Due to the nature of Romex 6/2 wire attached to your heater, you have 2 hots and 1 ground which equals 220V, regardless of color as Romex can be utilized for both 110V or 220V.  There's no neutral on heater circuit. Hope this clears it for you. Otherwise please call us at 305-823-6991.

  • Do you have to run the 6×2 wire line or will a normal 110 work

    220/240 (VAC) volt line
    70 amp breaker
    6 gauge wire /2 conductor- 1 ground

    This heater is "NOT" 110 V.

  • Does this product provide continuous heat level while operating and what's the highest temperature

    It provides perpetual, endless and continuous hot water. Max temp 125F.

  • My N-160 heater goes to stand by mode while the shower is on unless another faucet is on at the same time.

    Check your shower faucet for proper flow rate. The faucet controls the heaters activation/deactivation.

  • How do you drain or unhook this unit when closing up a summer camp for the winters in upstate NY? And should or can it be flushed with RV anti freeze?

    When preparing for the winter in colder states, both draining your tankless water heater and/or filling with anti-freeze over the winter can both work.   Make sure that all electrical power is off. i.e. Turn off the breakers to the water heater, or pull the blade on the A/C Electrical Disconnect box.   To drain the tankless water heater, simply disconnect the inlet and outlet compression fittings from both sides and pour out any water that may still be inside the unit. After which, you can fill the tankless water heater with anti-freeze. At this point, the tank will be disconnected and emptied of water, ready for the winter months.   Some people also prefer to use anti-freeze over the winter, in which case it would be OK to use your RV anti-freeze. Simply pour it into the inlet on your tankless water heater until full, and keep it in the unit over the winter. When ready to use the tankless water heater after winter, repeat the process for draining the unit, making sure to follow all laws regarding the proper disposal of anti-freeze, let the water run for a few minutes to flush any anti-freeze that may be left behind.

  • Does this unit come with a warranty?

    All Titan brand water heaters feature a 1-year warranty on all electrical components, as well as a 10-year warranty against any internal leaking components of the unit.

  • What size fittings does this unit have?

    The Titan N-160 tankless water heater uses 1/2" fittings on both the inlet and outlet.

  • What electrical specifications are required for this unit?

    The Titan N-160 tankless water heater runs on 240 volts, and calls for a double pole 70amp breaker and 6/2 wire (6 gauge).

  • How many bathrooms can this unit provide hot water for?

    The Titan N-160 tankless water heater uses 16KW of power in order to provide hot water for up to 2 bathrooms in warm climates, and from 1-1.5 bathrooms in cold/moderate climates.