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Titan N270 Digital Whole House Tankless Water Heater 27KW

$ 495.00

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Perfect for 2 baths in cold climates, 2.5 baths in moderate climates and 3+ baths in warm climates.

The N-270 tankless water heater, "TITAN" (no pun intended), by producing 27KW of heating capacity, is perfectly suited for cold other climates. It also works well for larger homes in moderate climates as well as warm climates down south. It will produce hot water endlessly for 2 baths where incoming water temperatures are in the 50's. If you want tankless technology to power the hot water in your home and you live in a cold area of the country, this heater is for you.

The space saving benefits are also undeniable. At 50 gallons, the standard 3 bedroom 2 bath conventional tank heater takes up about 20 cubic feet of space and weighs about 130lbs. The Titan N-270 tankless water heater takes up about .29 cubic feet and weighs only 13 pounds making it 80 times smaller than a conventional heater and making delivery, installation and service, a breeze.

  •  Proudly assembled in the USA
  • Thermostatically control temp on front cover
  • 60% energy savings vs. conventional electric water heaters
  • 99.5% efficient
  • On demand water control- equals unit longevity and savings
  • For use with hard, soft, well or city water
  • Most efficient and practical product of its kind on the market
  • Steel outer / copper-brass inner casing
  • UL approved #499
  • ANSI-Z 10.03 certified
  • 10 year warranty on water carrying components - 1 year on rest of unit
Tech Specs
  • Pipe Fittings: 3/4"
  • 27KW at 220V
  • 113 amps - 2 double pole 60 amp breakers required. 2, 6/2 wire line
  • Dimensions: 10.5" x 9" x 4.5" inches
  • Weight: 11.6 lbs

Installation diagram for Niagara Titan N-270 tankless water heater


Ask a Question
  • what gage wire will i need for the n-270

    You'll need 6 gauge wire. I recommend Romex simpull 6/2. Makes the install alot easier.

  • I have a 200 amp electric panel. Will I have enough amps to run this unit efficiently?

    Absolutely yes but to be on the safe side its recommend you perform a load calculation test first.

  • Would this heater work in northern Kentucky for a two bath home

    Yes it will.

  • What is the average cost to install completely ready for service?

    We suggest you contact a electrical and plumbing contractor for installation pricing.

  • I noticed that the N-160 and below connect with 1/2 inch pipe fittings, but the N-180 to N-270 use 3/4 inch. My home is 1/2 inch. Will that be a problem? Or will just using pipe reducing fittings be OK?

    No problem at all. Just use 3/4" to 1/2" reducers coming out of the heater several inches from compresion fittings.

  • Can these be installed for use in a manufactured home?

    Yes you may.

  • Good Morning How many breakers / amps are needed for the Titan N270?

    Two (2) double pole 60 amp breakers.

  • Does this all titan units come with a sediment filter? How often do we have to change it? Or clean them out?

    We provide an install kit free of charge with purchase of heater which includes filter in which you'll need to change the cartridge every 6 months.

  • Hi Are the heating elements made out of stainless steel? Reason im asking is because i was looking at the eco smart brand, theirs are copper..our water causes them to get scaly and calcify. So i want to stay away from copper.

    Copper and or stainless will both suffer from scale build up. To avoid scale we recommend you utilize our single element filter with whatever brand heater you choose.

  • How long would it take from the time of order to receive a Titan N270 ? We are located in Clive Ia

    About 3 days time.

  • What issues will I encounter if I have hard water and no water softener. Also my plans are to leave the existing water heater in place as a storage tank to help water temp rise before it enters the tankless heater is there any issues with doing that?

    Please call our tech dept. at 305-823-6991 for detail explanation.

  • What is the best water heater for Colorado an altitude of 8000 ?

    Various factors need to be considered. Please call us at 305-823-6991.

  • I’m looking at property in AZ mountain area. Off the grid. Compost toilet, small cabin, no electricity. Going to use solar power. Are these type of units feasible for what I’m looking to do?? My water will be thru a 5,000 gal above ground tank. Water will be delivered.

    Thank you for the question. Unfortunately, without knowing more information, there is no real way to answer your question. Total production capacity of power, flow rate at the point of use, expected above-ground storage tank water temperature, etc. Please contact our offices at: 305-823-6991 for further information.

  • How many gallons per minute can I run through the 27 kw system without loss of hot water? For instance if my wife is running a bath can I also take a shower at the same time

    The simple answer to your question is, the Titan N270 will be able to heat water for two "showers" (or more) at the same time.

    Please take the following into consideration regarding running a bath (high flow) and a shower (standard flow) at the same time:

    The more complicated answer is really a series of questions. 1. What is the incoming water temperature where the Titan N270 will be installed and 2. Do you have any high flow shower heads that consume more than the standard 1.2 to 1.8 GPM?. There are a couple of factors to consider when you ask about gallons per minute. One is the total amount of water that can pass through the Titan N270 (which is about 5GPM). The other is the ability of the Titan N270 to increase the temperature of that water by a specific factor (called DeltaT or ΔT). That said, there are only a few places in the US where the ground water would be too cold for the Titan N270 to have a sufficient DeltaT and therefore, chances are, you will be just fine.

    If you consider that each shower head uses a total average of 1.8GPM and that the hot/cold mix is about 70/30 (1.26GPM/0.54GPM), then two shower heads would require about 2.52GPM of hot water flow. At 2.52 GPM the DeltaT on a Titan N270 is about 73 degrees fahrenheit. The standard recommended temp for hot water in the US is about 120 degrees fahrenheit (Department Of Energy) . If we work backwards from this number, (120 (standard temp) - 73 (deltaT) = 47 (minimum water temp) we arrive at 47 degrees fahrenheit, or the minimum incoming water temperature for a Titan N270 to service two baths at the same time.

    The long answer is: If your incoming ground water temperature is 47 degrees fahrenheit or higher and you have standard flow shower heads, then the Titan N270 tankless water heater will service 2 showers (or more) simultaneously. If you want to fill a tub (i.e. run a bath) and use another shower head at the same time, then we must take into consideration the added GPM of filling the tub. Say for example that the faucet in your tub uses 5GPM. You can then see how filling the tub and showering at the same time would require a total of 6.26GPM (5GPM (tub) + 1.26GPM (shower)). The Titan N270 is designed to only allow 5GPM max flow rate and at that rate, it will provide a DeltaT of 36 degrees fahrenheit. So, working backwards again (120 - 36 = 84) the minimum incoming water temperature to both fill a tub and take a shower at the same time for a Titan N270 would be about 84 degrees fahrenheit (assuming you want to fill your tub with 120 degree water).

  • Does this unit come with a warranty?

    All Titan brand water heaters feature a 1-year warranty on all electrical components, as well as a 10-year warranty against any internal leaking components of the unit.

  • What size fittings does this unit have?

    The Titan N-270 tankless water heater uses 3/4” fittings on both the inlet and outlet, both located on the bottom of the unit.

  • What electrical specifications are required for this unit?

    The Titan N-270 water heater runs on 240 volts, and is a two-line heater, drawing 113 amps. It calls for 2 Double Pole 60 amp breakers, and 6/2 wire (6 gauge).

  • How many bathrooms does this unit provide hot water for?

    The Titan N-270 tankless water heater can provide hot water for up to 3 bathrooms in warm climates, or 1.5 to 2 baths in cold climates.