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Titan Water Heater N120 SCR2 Whole House Tankless

$ 243.00

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Perfect for a home with 2 baths in warm climates

The Titan Tankless Water Heater N-120 SCR2 has long been the most popular tankless water heater developed and sold by Titan.  When it comes to electric tankless water heaters, Titan has over 30 years in manufacturing experience, easily making this water heater the best in its class.

In warm climates, this heater will service a small house with 1 to 2 baths. It also serves as a point-of-use heater in colder climates when needed for under a sink or other low flow application. If you have a rental apartment or hotel rooms with 2 baths in warm climates, this water heater is perfect.

The space saving benefits are also undeniable. At 50 gallons, the standard 3 bedroom, 2 bath conventional tank heater takes up about 20 cubic feet of space and weighs about 130lbs. The Titan N-120 takes up about .21 cubic feet and weighs only 9 pounds making it 80 times smaller than a conventional water heater and making delivery, installation, and service, a breeze.


  • American Flag - Titan - Made in USA Proudly assembled in the USA
  • Thermostatically control temp on front cover
  • 60% energy savings vs. conventional electric water heaters
  • 99.5% efficient
  • On demand water control- equals unit longevity and savings
  • For use with hard, soft, well or city water
  • Most efficient and practical product of its kind on the market
  • Steel outer / copper-brass inner casing
  • UL approved #499
  • ANSI-Z 10.03 certified
  • Dual heating chambers
  • 10 year warranty on water carrying components - 1 year on rest of tankless water heater unit

Tech Specs

  • Compression Fittings: 1/2"
  • 11.8KW at 220V
  • 54 amps - 1 double pole 60 amp breaker required. 1, 6/2 wire line
  • Dimensions: 10" high x 7" wide x 2 3/4" deep 
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs


Installation diagram for Niagara Titan N-120 tankless water heater



Ask a Question
  • have an older unit (scr4) titan water heater. need replacement heating element for

    Sorry but we do not sell parts. However, we do offer repair service. Please call 305-823-6991 and ask for tech dept.

  • Is it possible to put the water heater below a kitchen counter?

    Yes you may. You can install our heaters anywhere in the home as long as it's inside/indoor. Never outdoor or exposed to rain.

  • Is this particular water heater condensing or non condensing?

    Electric tankless water heaters do not condense at all. Threfore there is no condensing divice in an electric tankless. Consending tankless heaters only apply to "GAS" units exclusively.  Fell free to contact us for a more consice explanation on this particular question of yours. Ask for Chuck 305-823-6991 I will be happy to elaborate and you will be better informed with these hi-tech tankless products.

  • My N-120 is about 5 years old. Sometimes the water gets hot then cold so I shut it off and start again a few times then it gets hot again. Sometimes it doesn't get hot and then other times it works as it should?

    Please contact our tech department at 305-823-6991.

  • Hello. can this Titan N120 be use outdoor of the house and exposed to weather ? Thanks

    You cannot use a Titan heater outdoors. They are designed and UL approved for indoor use only. However, we do have and or offer tankless heaters for exterior or outdoor use. But they are not listed on our website as these are specialty heaters. To purchase one please call our tech dept at 305-825-7500.

  • I had a Titan scr-2 for 11 years and now I have to replace it....what model is comparable to it....thank you

    The SCR 2 comes in various models. Look on left bottom corner of front cover for the exact model number. Example: N85, N100, N120 etc.

  • The inlet and outlet on the heater are 1/2 inch but the shut off valves that you can order with it are 3/4 inch are there adapters

    We carry both 1/2" and 3/4" ball valves, both threaded and sweat. Just call us and we will accommodate your needs. 305-823-6991.

  • Is there a filter inside the case that can be cleaned or replaced?

    No, filter is installed separately on cold water line, right side of heater approx 1 to 2 feet from inlet.

  • can it be used outdoors actually in a shed where the pool pump is looking for a shower by the pool

    Yes you may as long as it's covered from rain.

  • How do I get the water hot

    Tap tap tap several times on the red button to increase temp. To lower temp tap on the blue button. This must be done while running hot water thru a faucet. In other words, the heater must be operating while you change temp settings.

    Here's a link How to adjust the temperature on a Titan Water Heater

  • when using the heater, does the cold water get hot as soon as it goes through the heater or do I have to wait like the old heater.

    When using a tankless water heater, the water is heated "on demand" as it passes through the unit. So this means that the only "wait time" is how long it takes the water to reach your faucet. This also means that unlike traditional tank heaters that store a finite amount of hot water, tankless water heaters can provide hot water for as long as you are demanding it.

  • I have an electrical wall outlet where my old tank water heater was installed. Can I wire this heater through that outlet?

    Yes you may, providing your recepticle is rated for 60amp/220VAC, the wire is 6 gauge w/ground and your circuit breaker is 2 pole 60 amp.

  • Circuit breaker capacity?

    Breaker required is 220VAC/60 amp.

  • What size electrical cable is required for the N-120

    6 gauge

  • What does climate have to do with anything if this operates indoors? I live in Colorado

    Your water temp. as well as everyone's water temp. changes (increase/decrease) depending on your region, where you live. The warmer/colder climate has a direct affect on the heaters Delta T rise.

  • If you lower the temp does it reduce amperage? If my generator(generac) comes on will it be beneficial to lower the temp?

    Great question! Lowering the temp setting on any tankless heater will lower your total amp draw thus placing less load on your generator.

  • How ajust température

    tap blue botton to lower temp and red to raise.

  • Would two n-120 unit running parallel togather work better than single n-270 Which set would produced more hot water Set up is for a 3.5 bathroom house in Miami Florida

    Tankless heaters can operate in tandem, series or parallel. However, equivalent Kw single units work just fine or better. Please feel free to contact our tech dept. @ 305-823-6991 for your best option.

  • Can a n-120 be ran paralle to another n-120

    Yes you may.

  • Can this be installed outside or it has to be indoors

    Indoor only.

  • This tank less water heater can be installed below the sink ? in the master bedroom bathroom ? or do you have something that is tank less for below the sink. To be used for in light usage ?

    Yes you may.

  • I have a 3 full bathroom home with a dishwasher what size tankless do I need

    In order to better answer your question, there are a few things we would need to go over to better size your unit. For example, the average groundwater temperature at your home, how many water demands you will be using concurrently, and if there are any high-flow water demands such as rainfall showerheads or jacuzzis. In addition to this, there are a few more questions that would help us to ascertain the minimum size tankless water heater for the requirements you've outlined above. 

    Please call our offices at 305-823-6991 so that we may better and more accurately assist you.

  • I need 2.5 gpm and I want my water hot hot what size tankless do I need

    In order to better answer your question, there are a few things we would need to know. For example, the average groundwater temperature at your home. In addition to this, there are a few more questions that would help us ascertain the minimum size tankless water heater for the requirements you've outlined above. 

    Please call our offices at 305-823-6991 so that we may better and more accurately assist you.

  • Hola, tengo en mi apt el modelo n-120. Tiene la luz verde como encendido pero no calienta el agus. Tampoco me permite modificar la temperatura. Hay algo que pueda hacer?

    Para poder ayudarlo mejor con su pregunta sobre el calentador Titan N-120, necesitaremos alguna información adicional de usted. Llámenos y estaremos encantados de atenderle, todos los días de 7:00 a.m. a medianoche.


  • I have a 6 gallon water tank in my camper meaning I have around a 5-10 minute shower regarding how much hot water I use would these help in keeping water hot longer that’s 15-20 minutes?

    Yes, when using a tankless water heater, there is no limit to the amount of time you can use your hot water. As opposed to traditional tank water heaters that only hold a certain amount of hot water, 6 gallons in your case, tankless water heaters heat your water as it passes through the unit. Because they are not limited to a water holding tank, they are only engaged when hot water is demanded, and they will heat your water endlessly until the demand for hot water ceases. Another great aspect of these units being tankless is that they don't work all day to keep a constant water temperature like a traditional tank water heater. Instead, they are only drawing electrcitiy when hot water is being used, which means savings in your pockets!

  • I have 16 apartments and when we shut off the water to the building, do we always have to disconnect the electric or is there a switch? Is there a safety switch or something?

    When shutting off the water supply to a tankless water heater, YOU MUST TURN OFF THE ELECTRICITY TO THE UNIT. We always recommend the use of an Electric Disconnect Box for this purpose. To avoid turning off the breaker as a whole (although we also recommend cutting the power from the breaker as well), simply disconnect the plug from the Electric Disconnect Box, and there will no longer be electricity fed to the tankless water heater. Before turning the power back on, ensure there is water running through the unit, and then reconnect power.

  • I currently have an N85 that I have to replace. Can I replace it with an N120? Will all the connection be compatible?

    The Titan N-85 can be replaced by the N-120, as long as the breaker is upgraded to a Double Pole 60amp breaker and the wire is 6/2. In regards to physical size of the unit, the N-120 is the same size as the N-85, so it will fit right into the same dimensions - essentially making it a "plug and play" installation.

  • Can I install one of your titan water heaters in my garage it's not heated in the winter

    These tankless water heaters do not need to be insulated or enclosed, therefore they can be installed in your garage without a problem. Keep in mind, if the water heater will not be used over the winter, it is recommended to drain the unit of any internal water until it is ready to be used again to prevent any freezing. If there is any possibility that the water will freeze in the unit between usage, we do not recommend installing it in that area.

  • Como controlo la temperatura del titán N120?

    Es muy simple cambiar la temperatura de tu calentador Titan N-120. Asegúrese de que el calentador esté encendido y que tenga agua corriendo. Luego simplemente use los botones en la parte frontal para ajustar la temperatura hacia arriba o hacia abajo a su gusto. Tenga en cuenta que el agua debe estar encendida para cambiar la temperatura.

  • I own a small cabin in NE PA with one bathroom and a kitchen fawcet. Would the n120 work, in that situation, considering the lower groung-water temp from my well?

    The Titan N-120 tankless water heater may work, but is not recommended for your scenario. This unit will provide about a 54ºF temperature rise at 1.5 gallons per minute. Given your incoming ground-water temperature of about 60ºF, you may want to consider going with a slightly larger unit like the the Titan N-160. There are larger Titan water heater models as well.

  • Does this unit come with a warranty?

    All Titan brand water heaters feature a 1-year warranty on all electrical componenets, as well as a 10-year warranty on any internal leaking components of the unit.

  • What size are the fittings on this unit?

    The Titan N-120 tankless water heater has 1/2" threaded fittings on both the inlet and the outlet sides.

  • What electrical specifications are required for this unit?

    The Titan N-120 tankless water heater pulls 54 amps, requiring a Double Pole 60amp breaker with 6/2 wire (6 gauge).

  • How many bathrooms does this Titan water heater provide hot water for?

    The Titan N-120 tankless water heater has 12KW of heating power, which can provide hot water for up to 2 baths in warm climates, or suitable for a hand sink or small applications in moderate/cold climates.

  • Where do you get a replacement breaker

    Electrical supply

  • Model N-120X how often does it need. to be flushed?

    You don't flush it you need a filter. Change filter every 6 months.

  • What is the size of the input and output ports? 3/4 or 5/8?

    .50 half inch

  • How do I know what heater to get? I have a 4 bedroom house 2-1/2 bathroom

    Please call our pro staff at 305 823 6991 we will be happy to help you with the proper size heater for your home.

  • Will this work with 208v?

    Absolutely 208/220/240 VAC

  • how soon can we get an n120 titan heater

    Right away. If your local you can pick up tomorrow Saturday. If not we ship everything free and fast.

  • What is the left buttom for?

    The left blue botton is to lower temp on unit.

  • After resetting the Titan N-120 the heating LEDs goes off when the water pressure on the faucet is increased. I have to leave the water flow very low, if I increase the water pressure, the LEDs goes off then the water becomes cold again. How ti address this issue

    Call our tech support at 305-823-6991.

  • I have the Titan Water heater (N120 SCR2 ) I've had it working perfectly for many many years and very happy with it. The past week or so, the water has not been getting hot or taking quite a while to get hot. Does the reset button fix this or do you think the unit is on it's way out ? Thank you.

    Please call our tech line at 305-823-6991.

  • Hello, I purchased this unit yesterday from ACE hardware, everything was fine however I usually saw on the old unit a green light constantly on, today I don't see that light on. When I open the hot water the red lights turn on and the water is hot but the green one does not turn on. Is it normal ? Thanks

    Return the defect heater and come purchase one from us. We utilize 4 step QS standards. Our heaters do not fail. 305 823 6991.

  • Is the N140 model still available. I bought this model from u a few years ago. It just quit on me.(power surge)

    Yes- please call us at 305 823-6991

  • can the filter be installed inside the condo unit


  • If the water heater is not working how long does it take to fix it

    about 2 days

  • I'm in Montana, is it possible tom run 2 of these units in series?

    No, you'll need the Titan N270.

  • Do you repair the tankless n120


  • N120 has green light but no hot water

    You'll need an electrician to check your amp draw.

  • Çan waranty be regıstered on lıne?

    No. You have mail in registration card supplied with heater.

  • What size and thread is on the titan hot water

    1/2 inch compression type fitting.

  • Is it possible to put a water heater in the closet where the AC is

    Yes no problems.