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Plumbing Accessories - Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure Relief Valve

$ 29.95

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With any tankless water heater, this pressure relief valve is something you cannot do without. One of the things you want to guard against with any heater, tankless or not, is water overflow from pressure build-up. Why run the risk of over-pressurized water lines bursting and leaking onto your closet, kitchen or utility floor? Install a pressure relief valve to prevent ruptures to your tankless system from too much water pressure. Protecting your investment should also be a primary concern when installing a new tankless water heater. This simple yet effective device will extend the life of your heater by protecting the components subject to rupture from over pressurized water lines.


Ask a Question
  • What is the purpose of the pressure relief valve? Is it necessary?

    The pressure relief valve helps to ensure the longevity of your unit by avoiding any pressure build up in the pipes leading to your heater. Any extra pressure build up will be expelled by the valve, avoiding any extra strain on your heater.

  • is it necessary if you have low pressure?


  • What size are the treads on either end?

    1/2 inch NPT