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3 Pack Filter Cartridges

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Replacement filter cartridge: (3) per pack. Proprietary designed 5 stage filtration media for our housing. These filters are specifically made to maintain the optimal flow rate to your heater while keeping it free of damaging debris and sediment.


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  • How often should I change my filters?

    The frequency that you change your filter can depend on a few factors including your incoming water quality, and your frequency of water usage. We typically recommend changing your filter every 6 months. If at the 6 month mark, you notice your filter is very dirty, you may decide to change your filters more often. If at the 6 month mark you notice your filter is still clean, you may decide to give it more time between filter changes.

  • We have two Titans in our home and it is time to replace the filters. I do not remember which model our units are, do the filters fit all your units?

    Yes. One size fits all. You can purchased a (3) pack from us at